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Technical Questionnaires

Make sure you complete the questionnaire. These form include technical questions about your site and help consider the appropriate first techniques when planning and creating your project.
Tell us about Your Business
This section should include an overview of what the general purpose and goal of the web site is. Please put an X next to the ones that apply to you.
If you have a specific deadline, please state why
If you don’t have a budget please provide a range that you are willing to invest, or more importantly how much money you want to make from the site in the first year. Please keep in mind that most custom sites for small business will run in the mid four figures
Target Market
Samples below are just an example to get you started, please fill this out completely. in Page --- Content Notes format
Please be as specific and detailed as possible.
Please include at least 3 links of sites of your competition. What do you like and don't like about them? What would you like to differently or better?
Along with putting down the site address, please comment on what you like about each site, i.e. the look and feel, functionality, colors etc. These do not have to have anything to do with your business, but could have features you like. Please include at least 3 examples.
Marketing the Site
This is important on your rankings, and your further business success!
Constant Contact, MailChimp etc.
business cards, catalog, etc...
Please list all the possible search terms you can think of
Domain and Hosting
This is where the computer files live.
Please be as specific and future thinking as possible.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our services, or if you need a quote, please dont hezitate to contact us! We will answer for your letter ASAP

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